FTP usage and explanation

FTPs are often needed to upload mods to a server. We explain what exactly an FTP is

Written on Jun 30, 2021

What is FTP?

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol", which is used to exchange and regulate data between multiple computers on a network. It regulates the conditions under which data is transferred between several computers.

It can also be used to create, rename or delete directories. It is also possible to set different access rights.

What is FTP used for?

The files to be transferred are uploaded or downloaded to a server using FTP. Before this, an FTP client must be installed on the computer, as this is done through the software. Access is usually required. An example of concrete use is uploading files from one's own computer to a web hosting package. The protocol is independent of operating systems and connection methods.

How to use FTP? (Example FilaZilla)

We would like to explain the use of FTP using the example of FilaZilla, an FTP client. You can download it here. After downloading it, you can connect to a server and upload and download files. This is often used in gaming to add different mods to a dedicated server.

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