Become an admin and use commands at CS:GO

If you want to change the map during the game, you must first have admin rights. We will explain you how to become an admin and what commands are available

Written on Mar 13, 2023

How can I become an admin?

For this process you need the program SourceMod. Once you have downloaded it, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the directory where your CS:GO folder is located.
  2. Go to the folder /addons/sourcemod/configs/admins_simple.ini and open the file
  3. Write in a new line yoursteamid 99:z (put your Steam ID) and save the file
  4. Open the server console and write `sm_reloadadmins
  5. Start the game and connect to your server
  6. Write sm_admin in the client console. Now you are admin!

What are the commands?

Administrative commands

host_name_store "0-1"Displays either only the server name "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" or your set server name in config.cfg ("1").
host_info_show "0-2"Your server either responds to incoming requests ("1-2") or blocks all requests ("0"). Needed to show the server status via web services / community server.
host_players_show "0-2"At "0" no player information will be shown via web services / community servers (externals don't know if there are players on your server). At "1-2" player information is transmitted.
rcon_password "YOURPASSWORDUsed for authentication on the server. If no password is set, you can use it to set the rcon password. The password field can also be left empty to disable authentication.
sv_rcon_banpenalty "mins"Sets the ban time for incorrect rcon password entries. A value of 0 indicates a permanent ban.
sv_rcon_maxfailures "0-20"Specifies after how many rcon password misspellings the user will be banned.
sv_rcon_minfailures "0-20"Specifies after how many rcon password misspellings within the time set in sv_rcon_minfailuretime the user will be banned.
sv_rcon_minfailuretime "secs"Specifies the time period for the sv_rcon_minfailures command.
sv_passwordEquips the server with a password.
sv_tags "Tag1,Tag2,Tag3"Set tags to make the server more distinguishable for players in the community server list.
sv_allowupload "0-1"Clients are allowed to upload their own (spray)images to the server.
sv_allowdownload "0-1"Clients are allowed to download data from the server.
sv_consistency "0-1"Clients are checked for critical data before entering the server.
usersThe output of the UserID and the names of the players.
kick "player name" / kickid "#ID"Kick the player from the server.
banid "0" "#ID"Ban the player with the ID from the server for x minutes. The value 0 stands for a permanent ban.
banip "IP" "0"Ban the player with the IP address from the server for x minutes. The value 0 stands for a permanent ban.
removeid "#ID"Unban the banned player with the ID.
writeidWrite the banned or unbanned players into the list or remove them from the list. Otherwise all banned/unbanned players will be removed/added again after a restart, for example.
listidShow the banlist with all banned players.
quitThe server will be restarted.
reloadThe map is reloaded.
mp_restartgame "secs"Allows to restart the map after x seconds.
changelevel "mapname"Switches to the desired map in the running match.
map "Mapname"Switches to the desired map in the current match and kicks all players.
rcon say "TEXT"Makes a text message appear in the game via the console.

Round commands

mp_buytime "mins"The possible buy time to start a round (e.g. 0.40).
mp_c4timer "secs"The timer for the C4 bomb.
mp_freezetime "secs"The time during which players are not allowed to move at the start of a round.
mp_spawnprotectiontime "secs"The time in which players are kicked at the start of a round if they attack team members.
mp_roundtime "mins"The time for one round.
mp_maxroundsThe maximum number of rounds on a map.
mp_winlimitThe maximum number of rounds a team must win on a map to win the match.
mp_fraglimitThe number of kills a player can get before the map is changed.
mp_startmoney "0-16000"Sets the starting money for the first round.
mp_match_end_restart "0-1"Sets whether the map is reloaded after the match ends (1) or a map change (0) takes place.

Multiplayer Commands

exec "NAMEDERCONFIG".cfgThe stored configuration file is executed.
statusDisplays all users on the server and their respective SteamID.
statsReturns various data like time, CPU, uptime, users, FPS or players of the server.
mp_autoteambalance "0-1"Enables or disables the balancing of teams.
mp_limitteamsDefines how many players one team can have more than the other team.
mp_chattime "secs"The time how long chat messages should be visible.
mp_forcecamera "0-2"Who is allowed to be watched after death. The value 0 allows to watch all players, the value 1 only the own team and the value 2 leaves the camera placed at the location of the death.
mp_fadetoblack "0-1"Setting whether the screen should turn black after death.
mp_decals "0-2048"The maximum number of bullet holes or blood splatters displayed at the same time.
mp_friendlyfire "0-1"Allow or disallow team friendly fire.
mp_friendly_grenade_damage "0-1"Allow or disallow team damage from friendly fire grenades.
mp_tkpunish "0-1"Enable or disable team kill punishment.
mp_hostagepenaltyThe number of allowed hostage kills before the player is kicked from the server.
mp_flashlight "0-1"Allow or disallow the use of the flashlight.
mp_autokick "0-1"Determine if inactive players should be kicked.
mp_playerid "0-2"Allow name display when targeting a player. The value 0 shows the name for all players, the value 1 only for the own team and the value 2 deactivates the function.
mp_allowspectators "0-1"Enable the use of spectator mode.
mp_footsteps "0-1"Step sounds are audible or not.
mp_free_armor "0-2"Determines if the player gets no armor (0), armor (1) or armor + helmet (2) by default at round start.
sv_cheats "0-1"Allows the use of cheats.
noclip "0-1"This mode allows you to move/float through all objects and you are also invulnerable. Works only in combination with sv_cheats 1.
sv_pausable "0-1"Defines if each player is allowed to pause the running game.
sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed "0-1"Defines if a player may be kicked from the server by vote.
sv_maxspeedThe maximum speed of the players.
sv_maxvelocityThe maximum speed each moving ballistic object may reach per axis.
sv_voicecodecVoice codec used on the server (e.g. vaudio_miles).
sv_enablevoice "0-1"Specifies whether the voice function may be used in the game.
sv_alltalk "0-1"Specifies whether the opposing team is allowed to listen to the voice chat.
sv_gravityAllows to set the gravity in the game. The smaller the value, the lower the gravity.

Bot commands

bot_quota "0-32"Number of bots that will be added to the game. At "0" the bots will be disabled.
bot_quota_mode "normal, fill, match"Defines how the bots are added to the server. At "fill" the bots are replaced by players when they join the server. With "normal" the number of bots is fixed and will not be changed when a player joins the server. With "match" the same number of players and bots face each other.
bot_difficulty "0-3"Difficulty of the bots (0 = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard and 3 = expert)
bot_addA bot is added to the game.
bot_add_ctA bot is added to the CTs.
bot_add_tAdd a bot to the terrorists.
bot_kickThe bots are all kicked.
bot_killThe bots are all killed.
bot_allow_rogues "0-1"The bots can disobey commands.
bot_all_weapons "0-1"The bots are allowed to use all weapons.
bot_allow_grenades "0-1"The bots are allowed to use grenades.
bot_allow_machine_guns "0-1"The bots are allowed to use machine guns.
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns "0-1"The bots are allowed to use SMG's.
bot_allow_pistols "0-1"The bots are allowed to use pistols.
bot_allow_rifles "0-1"The bots are allowed to use rifles.
bot_allow_shotguns "0-1"The bots are allowed to use shotguns
bot_allow_snipers "0-1"The bots are allowed to use sniper rifles.
bot_snipers_only "0-1"The bots are only allowed to use sniper rifles.
bot_pistols_only "0-1"The bots are only allowed to use pistols.
bot_knives_only "0-1"The bots are only allowed to use knives.

Bandwidth commands

sv_lag "0-1"Compares the position of the opponent and the own shot at the actually executed time on the server side when activated. If deactivated, only the current position of the opponent would apply, so in case of lags the shot would always miss.
sv_timeout "secs"If the client does not send new packet data after x seconds, it will be kicked.
sv_minrate "0-25000"The minimum bandwidth rate at which players are allowed to play on the server.
sv_maxrate "0-25000"The maximum bandwidth rate at which the player is allowed to play on the server.
decalfrequency "secs"The time difference before the player is allowed to spray his image again.
sv_minupdaterateThe minimum updates per second allowed by the server.
sv_maxupdaterateThe maximum updates per second allowed by the server.

Log commands

log "on-off"Enable the log function of the server.
sv_logbans "0-1"The bans against players will be logged.
sv_logecho "0-1"Send log information to the console.
sv_logfile "0-1"The server information will be logged in a file.
sv_log_onefile "0-1"The server information will be logged in a single file only.
sv_logsdirThe folder in the game directory where the log files are stored.
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