CS:GO TV explained and how to use it

Watch other CS:GO games live through CS:GO TV. In this wiki article you will find out how to install GO TV on your server

Written on Mar 7, 2023

What is GOTV?

CS:GO TV is the SourceTV of Counter Strike:Global Offensive, with which you can watch other games live. It is mainly used by streamers and moderators, because you can watch the game from all perspectives. There are various functions, such as an Overview or X-Ray Vision.

How do I install GOTV and how can I use it?

The CS:GO TV server has the same IP address as the normal server, but the port has to be changed. This is by default 27020 for CS:GOTV servers.

To activate it you have to add commands in the server.cfg file:

tv_enable 1
tv_delay 90
tv_advertise_watchable 1

Other configurations are possible, here is a short overview:

tv_allow_camera_man "0/1"viewers can take over as camera man
tv_allow_static_shots "0/1"Uses fixed orientation cameras for shots
tv_autorecord "0/1"Automatically records all games as GOTV demos. All games are automatically recorded, the format of the demo file is auto-YYYYMMDD-hhmm-map.dem
tv_autoretry "0/1"Try to reconnect after a network timeout
tv_chattimelimit "seconds"Restricts viewers to write only every n seconds
tv_debug "0/1"Display GOTV debug information
tv_delaymapchange "0/1"Delay the map change until the transfer is complete
tv_maxclients "n"Maximum number of clients on the GOTV server
tv_maxrate "n"Maximum allowed GOTV viewer bandwidth rate, 0 == unlimited
tv_msg "text"Send a message to all viewers
tv_name "name"GOTV hostname. Sets the GOTV name as it appears in the server browser and status bar.
tv_nochat "0/1"Enable/disable GOTV chat
tv_password "password"Protect the GOTV transmission with a password
tv_record "filename"Starts recording a GOTV demo
tv_stopStops the GOTV transmission
tv_stoprecordStops the recording of a GOTV demo
tv_titleDefines the name of the GOTV broadcast
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