Grids and quadrants in Atlas

GRID is a term that describes a type of design grid or typographic grid. It is an ordering system that facilitates the organization of graphic or designed elements on a surface or in a room.

Written on Feb 7, 2022

What are GRIDS in Atlas?

ATLAS takes the player into a seemingly huge game world. Thereby areas are limited by a kind of server allocation. This grid or network of interconnected servers is therefore called GRID. In this network of servers every single server represents a certain part of the game world.

Servers connect as GRID the game world at ATLAS

In order to generate and manage the game world of ATLAS, you can use 3 different server types

Main server

A main server is the prerequisite for every GRID of ATLAS. It defines the main settings for all connected expansion servers.

Expansion server

As soon as more playable space is needed in the GRID of ATLAS, another server can be switched to the main server. These expansion servers take over all game settings of the main server by default, but can also be configured manually with individual rules.

Home Server

A home server is required so that players can enter an ATLAS GRID. It is defined in the configuration file and assigned to the GRID. Areas for a home server include ports from which players can explore the game world.

How is a GRID set up?

For a game world of map size 3x3 you would need 9 servers to cover the complete playable area. However, you can start with a single home server first and then gradually decide which parts of the grid to cover with your own game servers. A step-by-step expansion is possible at any time.

Quick reference: How to set up a GRID

  • Create GRID and load it via the file 'ServerGrid.json`
  • Alternatively keep standard map with grid 3x3
  • Expansion servers are assigned to the main server
  • Alternatively start with a single main server
  • Assign servers to the areas in the given grid
  • Great, you have set up your GRID
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