Skills and breeding of Pals in Palworld

In Palworld, the development and breeding of Pals plays a key role. We take a look at the various abilities of the Pals for you.

Written on Jan 20, 2024

Palworld offers an extensive system for interacting with Pals, the central creatures of the game. You can catch these creatures, breed them and develop their abilities to survive in the world of Palworld.

Understanding Pal abilities

  • Active abilities: Each Pal has special active abilities that can be used in battle
  • Passive Abilities: Pals also possess passive abilities that provide continuous benefits such as improved speed or strength

Breeding and training

  • Breeding Pals: Breeding allows you to obtain new Pals with potentially stronger or rarer abilities
  • Training and development: Regular training improves the Pals' abilities and effectiveness in combat or other activities

Breeding Pals

  • Breeding Farm: To breed Pals, you must build a Breeding Farm, which is unlocked at level 19 in the technology tree
  • Selecting the parents: One male and one female Pal are required for breeding
  • Cake as a resource: Cake is necessary for the breeding process and must be placed in a cake container at the Breeding Farm

Characteristics of the offspring

  • Inheritance of skills: Offspring inherit a mix of their parents' skills and traits, including base stats and appearance
  • Cross-Breeding: Breeding Pals of different species can result in surprising offspring that possess new abilities and traits


  • Pal Essence Condenser: Infusion requires the Pal Essence Condenser, an ancient technology
  • Enhancement through infusion: Infusion can condense the essence of different Pals of the same type to strengthen them

Hatching eggs

  • Egg Incubators: To hatch eggs, you must use egg incubators, which are also unlocked through the technology tree
  • Specific conditions: Some eggs require specific environmental conditions to hatch successfully

Special abilities and improvements

  • Special abilities: Some Pals have unique abilities that can only be unlocked through special breeding or training
  • Skill enhancements: You can develop your Pals and improve their abilities through various game activities

Our conclusion

The system of skills and breeding in Palworld offers a deep and multi-layered gaming experience. Through skillful breeding and strategic training, players can create unique and powerful Pals to accompany them on their journey through Palworld.

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Jan 19, 2024


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