Use own domain with TeamSpeak3

It becomes annoying to always enter the IP and port of your TeamSpeak3 server and pass it on to your friends. Instead, create an SRV record to connect directly through your domain.

Written on Sep 14, 2021

SRV Record

A Service (SRV) record allows you to connect to your TeamSpeak server without IP and port. Instead you just enter your own domain name. Two records are needed for this.

Create Records


First create an A-Record with your domain provider. This record can be named e.g. and points to the IP address of your TeamSpeak 3 server (without port!).

SRV record

After that you create the SRV record, which usually has the following options set 86400 IN SRV 0 5 9988

  • Type: SRV
  • Service: _ts3
  • Protocol: _udp
  • Domain:
  • Time to Live (TTL): 86400
    • If needed, best left at default value
  • Priority: 0
  • Weight: 5
  • Destination Host:
  • Destination Port: 9988
    • Replace the port with your TeamSpeak port
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