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Get ready for a new gaming experience with ARK: Survival Ascended (ASA). A remake of the original game, ASA comes with improved graphics and a revamped user interface.

Ride a raptor through the jungle, use the power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in defense, and enjoy the remarkable details of ARK: Survival Ascended.





Oct 26, 2023


Open-World, Survival, Strategy


Studio Wildcard

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Rent ARK: Survival Ascended Server

When diving into ARK: Suvival Ascended for the first time, it becomes clear that the user interface has been extensively reworked.

New species and deadly dungeons

ASA is a classic survival game with a wide variety of maps that want to be explored and a new list of dinosaurs. The previously known game (Ark: Survival Evolved) is joined by new species, a whole new map and gigantic visual improvements. The functionalities have also been expanded.

ARK: Surival Ascended brings plenty of thrills to the screen with the new creatures it is guaranteed not to be boring. In addition to mythosaurs, the titans of the ark, there are fast predators like shadow dogs. Or have you always wanted to fly, with Starwing you can view the world from above and ride on the incredibly beautiful creatures. But beware, not every animal is well-disposed towards you.

Dangers also lurk in the new deadly dungeons, but you shouldn't shy away from them, because the rewards are outstanding. The game experience becomes almost lifelike thanks to the new dynamic lighting system. With Lumen, the environment is adjusted to the lighting conditions. Imagine riding a raptor through the jungle of The Island and experiencing a lifelike world as sunlight penetrates the dense trees in the forest or your torches illuminate caves and light flickers on the walls.

Sharp details

The environment is much more detailed for this, with lush fauna, more realistic rock textures, and more accurate tree structure. With improved structure sets, your bases are highly detailed and even the dinosaurs look sharper. Now it's up to you to tame them! Then you can explore the world of ASA on your dinosaurs and blaze new trails.

With a new physics destruction system (Chaos), complex and large-scale destruction is displayed in real time. Try it right now by crushing a base with the sheer force of a Tyrannosaurus Rex's bite or blasting it with a rocket launcher. The destruction is more realistic and dynamic with the remake, so you'll see how bases collapse and the individual parts scatter. In addition, realistic death animations and unconsciousness animations have been implemented for all creatures.

The missions in ARK: Survival Ascended round out the gameplay. To unlock new items, you'll face the gauntlet and various boss fights, for example. For more background information, there are explorer notes that tell you about the background of the game.

Ride a Velociraptor Today

Play the remake ARK: Survival Ascended on one of our game servers today and dive into the world of dinosaurs. Check out the new features now and enjoy the flight on the dinosaurs to discover the fascinating world of ASA.