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A submarine in space? Yes, it exists, and it's in Barotrauma. In the submarine simulator you play together with others to survive or you sabotage your fellow players. There are almost no limits to your imagination here. Command your submarine, take care of leaks and, above all, always be on the lookout.



Linux, Mac OS X, Windows


Jun 5, 2019


Adventure, Survival


FakeFish, Undertow Games

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Rent Barotrauma Server

Welcome to a moon of Jupiter

Mankind has fled to a moon of Jupiter. Jupiter's surface is so contaminated with radiation that life here is impossible. Life is therefore only possible in the depths of the ocean, in the submarine. So you are in the submarine in space.

Barotrauma is a scifi game in 2D, teamwork and alien sea monsters await you. The dangers in the game don't announce themselves, so you must always be alert. Whether you choose to cooperate in your game or prefer to sabotage others so that they don't reach their destination and the submarine goes up in flames is entirely up to you.

Cohesion and betrayal

Barotrauma offers something for everyone. In co-op, you work with your crew to achieve your goals, but be careful, there may be a saboteur on board. Play with your friends or enemies to survive.

In the underwater world of Barotrauma, you'll navigate your submarine and complete missions. You'll explore ruins of alien civilizations, fight monsters or, in the worst case, escape from them. Fun is certainly not neglected here.

The complex systems of the ship and devices such as the sogar, engines, pumps, weapons and the nuclear reactor also help against boredom. It should not be too easy. This is also ensured by a complex ship wiring and the comprehensive system for manufacturing and medis.

With the in-game editors, you can create your own submarines and monsters that can take on the others. If you feel like it, take a look at the source code and create your own mods. The fun is almost limitless.

Communication is half the battle

Good teamwork always requires communication, and that's where success lies. Help your crew succeed or hinder them. Whatever you do, Barotrauma offers fun in as many ways as there are ways to die.

Numerous extras

In multiplayer mode, from two to 16 players can work together on one submarine or against each other. With fewer players, the missing places are simply filled with bots. In addition, there is already a single player mode, which will be further improved. There are a total of six player classes with different tasks and abilities. Among them the captain, the engineer, the doctor, a security officer, an assistant and a mechanic, you have the free choice.

Through procedurally generated maps and missions with the different game modes, unlimited playability is created. Especially the editors make it even more interesting, build figures and submarines according to your imagination. Share your mods and discover those of other players.

Rent your game server for Barotrauma and discover the underwater world in your very own way. Explore, sabotage, create according to your wishes.