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At Ground Branch, you have full control. The motto is "Get the job done." Immerse yourself in the consciousness and world of Ground Branch, you get what you see. The unique first-person shooter offers an enormous amount of customization in weapons and your own character. Ground Branch is considered the rebirth of the tactical realism genre of the late 90s and early 2000s, with calculated, unforgiving and deliberate gameplay.





Aug 14, 2018


Military, Tactic


BlackFoot Studios

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Rent Ground Branch Server

Realistic first-person shooter

Made by one of the developers behind Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games, Ground Branch is a realistic first-person shooter, with an absolute attention to detail in weapon and character customization. As the elite paramilitary arm of the CIA's Special Activities Center/Special Operations Group (SAC/SOG), you lead the special forces in the game through all challenges, anywhere in the world.

Absolutely uncompromising

Without compromise and powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 4, Ground Branch brings "tactics" back to the "Tactical Shooter". With the game's unique true first-person system, the experience becomes realistic. You're not only immersed in the world of Ground Branch, but in the character of your avatar. Become aware of your surroundings, pay attention to your behavior. If your foot sticks out of cover, others can see that too. The camera is at your character's eyes, so you get what you see.

Clear view

Thanks to the minimal head-up display, you have all the necessary info in view. There are all sorts of options for the elements to choose from. The minimalist design of the HUD means you always have a clear view, so it's not an obstacle.

Full customization

Fixed kits and characters, no thanks, not with Ground Branch. Here, you call the shots. Completely customize your character and also the equipment according to your wishes. You can start with the basic appearance and also customize the outfit. The detailed customizations are almost limitless. Whether it's the vest, the weapon platform or the alignment of the pockets as well as attachments, everything is your decision and can be aligned the way you need it.

But beware, what you carry on missions also has an impact. Because every choice influences your gameplay. If you carry too much, it will affect your stamina and speed. You should also pay attention to certain things with your weapon, if your scope is placed too far forward on the rail, your sight picture will be too small. If you are using a long rifle in CQB, you may be slower in a gun collision.

Eight vs. eight

With careful and well-calculated teamwork, you play Eight vs. Eight opponents or in eight-player co-op. You can practice your teamwork sufficiently in specially designed training areas. The training areas are fully equipped with shooting ranges, dynamic targets and customizable killhouses. An integrated VOIP ensures that you can talk to each other and discuss your tactics. Additionally, there is the chat function or even the recording of voice messages for the shy fellow players.

Rent Ground Branch game server Uncompromising, diverse customization and a unique gaming experience make Ground Branch an absolutely detailed first-person shooter. Play Ground Branch today on one of our game servers and take full control. "Get the Job Done".