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On November 18, the new open world game Myth of Empires was launched in Early Access on Steam. This much can be revealed: You're in for a treat, especially if you're an MMO and sandbox fan. Myth of Empires was developed by the Chinese studio Angela Games, who also released Iron Conflict on Steam this year. The fact that Myth of Empires comes from China can be seen in the game's setting alone, which takes up many historical elements and, in contrast to other well-known MMOs, is not set in the Middle Ages but in the Far East, which is admittedly also rather medieval.





Nov 18, 2021


Open-World, Survival


Angela Game

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Rent Myth of Empires Server

Survival game was yesterday

At first, Myth of Empires seems more like a classic survival game a lá Conan Exiles or ARK. First you search for the server of your heart - here you have the choice between PvP and PvE - and then you create your character. Small note: You can switch between the servers, the so-called "counties" are all connected to each other under a world server. Start on any one and at the latest when you have to fight for the first time, you will realize that Myth of Empires is much more than just a survival game. You can also attack or block eight different directions. Depending on your preference, you can switch to the first or third person perspective.

Unite the Counties and Rule

By the way, the goal of Myth of Empires is to unite all counties under one rule. If you're looking for a fantasy MMO, you've unfortunately come to the wrong game. Instead of magic, elves and orcs, there is an extremely detailed sandbox with building and crafting systems, embedded in a grandiose landscape.

All beginnings are difficult - even in Myth of Empires

But before you fight in epic battles for supremacy in your county, you first have to bake very small rolls. First of all, you have to learn various crafting skills, specialize and then claim land for yourself, because you have to live somewhere. In the course of the game, your contemplative hut can quickly become a stately fortress. You can then staff it with NPCs who work for you and defend your castle from attackers.

From area to area the resources, animals, plants and mineral deposits change. As if that wasn't enough, depending on the location, the weather can also be your adversary or your ally. There are blizzards, poisonous miasma or sandstorms that can make your life difficult, as well as wild animals that are out to get you.

Go to war

For the battles against the other players, you will of course need an army, because a warlord rarely goes to war alone. You can fill your army with your NPCs - they can follow you voluntarily or you can recruit them by force. You fight either on the field "in the wild" or you simply besiege your enemy players in their fortresses and attack them there. For this purpose your NPCs build siege machines, which clear the way for your army.

Oh yes, and a little advice at the end: You should pay special attention to your horse.

By the way, the Early Access phase of Myth of Empires will last about a year. The developers want to use this time to better respond to the wishes and suggestions of the community.