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Path of Titans, as the name suggests, takes you to the path of the Titans. With 18 different dinosaur species, you can explore the world of the game. Whether it's free play, quests or in a guild, you'll have your very own prehistoric adventure. New content is always added to the game, such as more species, new maps and tools.



Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows


Dec 20, 2021


Survival, MMO


Alderon Games

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Rent Path of Titans Server

Realistic gaming experience

Path of Titans is also about avoiding death. Hunt your prey, find plants to eat and water to drink. You hunt your prey not only on land, but also in the water, dive for your prey here and swim a little further if you like. But it's not just about eating and drinking here, the adventure is waiting for you. In realistic environment-driven quests, you'll collect points to unlock skins and get upgrades for your character. Hundreds of skins can be unlocked with a customizable color palette. At the same time, the quest system is very complex with its rewards and different achievements.

Unique skills and skins

With many color options and unique skins, no two dinosaurs are alike. You can easily further customize your character by selecting other subtypes. In addition, you can further distinguish yourself from the crowd with the skins, which you get through achievements and quests.

Each type of dinosaur has its own skills and abilities, so you can find your own niche in the ecosystem. With the multiplayer feature of up to 200 players, you can also team up as a carnivore to form a pack. This way you can attack even larger species together. Herbivores also have a better chance in a pack. In a herd you can defend your food sources much better than alone. Use the unique abilities of your species to ensure your survival.

Grow up, evolve

At the beginning of the game, you start as a cub and have to grow up first. Follow your dinosaur as it grows spines, horns, plates or new teeth. To grow up, you'll have to complete quests and kill other animals. The bigger and stronger you become, the more likely you are to be able to attack larger dinosaurs and overcome other challenges. Shape the prehistoric world with your character.

By joining a group you can improve your chances of survival and together you can explore the huge map with AI dinosaurs, discover the other creatures and support each other.

Find your Path of the Titans

Use the many character slots with their customizations, stats and traits to write your story in the dinosaur world. With the unique combat abilities and growth-based leveling system, as well as guilds, herd migration and pack hunting, you can explore the world with up to 200 other players at the same time and there are no limits to your growth. Rent your own game server now and conquer the prehistoric world of Path of Titans.