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A round shooter, but like to play together with your friends? Then Team Fortress 2 is just the thing, because it's a team-based first-person shooter with different game modes in which the task is to eliminate the opposing team or complete other tasks.



Linux, Mac OS X, Windows


Oct 10, 2007





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The wait was worth it

Team Fortress 2 was announced back in 1998 as the successor to the well-known first-person shooter Quake and Team Fortress Mod. However, players then had to wait until 2007. Since then, the game has been available for free on Steam and has been met with pure enthusiasm by numerous players. So the wait was worth it. At the beginning, players have the choice between nine different classes, whereby each class has its own diverse weapons and abilities. This means that you can coordinate perfectly within the group and be well equipped for the battlefield.

Different game modes

The game can be played in different modes. In addition to the classic modes, many other modes have been added in recent years. Thus, there are more goals than just quickly eliminating the opposing teams. Currently, there are nine different modes that players can freely choose between.

For example, there is also the task of stealing the enemy flag from the base to bring it to your own, or capturing control points on the map and defending them against the opposing team. Additionally, six players can compete against six robots, with the goal being to survive seven waves of attacks without a bomb being brought into your own base by a robot. Those who aren't particularly proficient yet can get some practice in the training mode. This mode is for single players and is mainly intended to make the introduction to the game easier for beginners.

The different classes

There is Team RED and Team BLUE, which all contain different classes that work according to the scheme. So each class has both strengths and weaknesses. These are divided into three main classes:

Attacker Classes

Scout: The Scout is a vulgar and brash youth from Boston. He is fast on his feet, but has a low number of health points. He is mainly used for conquering points or gaining the secret material as well as carrying cargoes.

Soldier: John is a cliché soldier, not necessarily brimming with intelligence, and is the standard attack unit. He is somewhat slow, but is equipped with an effective rocket launcher.

Pyro: A true fire specialist, not much is known about him. Armed with a flamethrower, he ignites enemies at close range.

Defender Classes

Demoman: The explosives expert is equipped with sticky bombs as well as a grenade launcher, making him especially useful for destroying Sentry Guns.

Heavy Weapons Guy: This player has the most life energy, but is also the slowest of all. He should definitely be played in combination with Medic.

Engineer: A polite and humble Texan who is an engineer. He supports his team by building teleporters, dispensers as well as Sentry Guns.

The Support Classes

Medic: Medic is a doctor whose job is mainly to heal teammates.

Sniper: The Sniper is the sheep shooter named Mundy, who shows his strengths mainly in the distance.

Spy: The Spy can pretend to be a member of the opposing team, fake death and destroy buildings of the opposing side with electric snipers.