Admin commands in 7 Days to Die

As an admin, you need to be well-equipped to manage your 7 Days to Die server at all times - admin commands will help you do that.

Written on Dec 1, 2021

Admin Commands

ban add <player> <time> [reason]Removes a player from the server for the specified time.
ban remove <SteamID>The player can re-enter the server.
ban listList of banned players.
buff <effect>Gives the player an effect. The effect must be entered in english.
chunkcache / ccDisplays all chunks currently loaded in the cache.
clearClears the console.
commandpermission add / cp add <right> <level>The entered right will be assigned to the desired level.
commandpermission remove / cp remove <right>Deletes the entered right from the list.
commandpermission update / cp update <right> <level>The level of the entered right will be adjusted.
creativemenuEnable/disable the creative menu
debuff <effect>Removes an effect. The effect must be entered in English.
debugmenu / dm [on/off]Opens the deubug menu (for developers)
enablescopes / esOpens debug options.
gameover / goEnds a round/game in deathmatch/horde mode.
getgamepref / ggDisplays the settings of the current game.
gettime / gtDisplays the current ingame time.
gfx af (0 or 1)Switches anisotropic filtering On(1, default) or Off(0).
giveself <item> [quality]Throws the entered item at the player's feet.
giveselfxp <number>Gives the player experience.
helpDisplays all commands.
kick <player> [reason]Removes a player from the server.
kickallRemoves all players from the server.
killallRemoves all zombies from the server
listgameobjects / lgoDisplays the number of objects.
listents / leLists objects.
listthreads / ltLists threats.
listplayerids / lpiLists the player IDs.
listplayers / lpLists the players that are currently online.
memDisplays the usage.
mod add <player> <level>The player will be appointed as moderator.
mod remove <player>The player will be removed from the moderator list.
mod update <player> <level>The level of the moderator will be adjusted.
saveworldSaves the world.
say [text]The server sends a chat message to all players.
setgamepref /sg <setting>Changes a game setting.
settempunit <c/f>Changes the temperature display permanently to °C or °F.
settime <time>Changes the current ingame time. 0 is day 1, 08:00.
showchunkdataDisplays the data (player, loot, load, biome) of a chunk.
shownexthordetimeDisplays the time until the next horde.
shutdownEnds the current game.
sounddebugToggles the sound manager.
spawnairdroplaunches the plane and drops crates.
spawnentity / seLists all items/zombies/animals that can be created on a player.
spawnentity / se <player> <ID>Command to spawn something directly at the player.
spawnsupplycrate [player]A crate is dropped on top of the player. (Caution! The player can be injured by this!)
spawnwanderinghorde [player]A horde is sent to the player.
starve <player>starves the player.
thirsty <player>Makes the player thirsty.
toggle_blood_offTurns off the blood.
toggle_blood_onTurns the blood on.
versionDisplays the current version.
weather [fog/rain/clouds/sun <value>]Displays the current weather statistics without parameters and can change the weather.
weathersurvival [on/off]Enables/disables weather influence.
whitelist add <player>Adds the player to the whitelist.
whitelist remove <player>Removes the player from the whitelist.
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