Admin Commands in Terraria

Admin commands bring variety and more fun into the gameplay. Gameservercheck offers an overview of all commands.

Written on Dec 1, 2021

Admin Commands

offSave and shutdown your server
reloadReload all plugins
playinglist of all players on the server
Me <message>headline about own player: "me is making a coffee"
say <message>broadcast message to all players on the server
savemap is saved
helplist of all possible commands
whitelist add/removeadds/removes players from whitelist
ban <player>ban players
time <day, dusk, dawn, noon, night>set the time of day
give <player> <number> <item name:id>give a player the specified number of an item
tpdirect teleportation to spawn
tp <player> <x> <y> <z>Teleports a player to the location x y z
tphere <player>Teleports a player to itself
kick <player>kicks a player
restartrestarts the server
stopstops the server
annoy <player>annoys a player
confuse <player>confuses a player
rocket <player>Turns a player into a rocket
firework <player>firework is created around the player
bloodmoonblood moon is forced
buff <buff id/name> <time sec.>Makes the player invisible for 100 seconds
buffplayerallows to give a buff to another player
butcherKills all bots
passwordChanges the password of the ingame account
registerCreates an account on the server
serverpasswordChanges the password of the server
dropmeteorDrops a meteor onto the server
eclipseForces an eclipse
fullmoonForces a full moon
godmodePlayers generate the same amount of damage they receive. Can, however, be killed by an Oneshot
growMakes plants and trees grow
hardmodeHighest difficulty level on the server is activated
healHeals himself completely
homeTeleports the player to the spawn
invadelaunch invasion on the server
kill <player>kills another player
itemban <item ID>bans certain items on the server
mute/unmuteMutes or unmutes a player
rain on/offSwitches rain on or off
statsDisplays exact information of the server
spawnbossSpawns a boss on the server
spawnmobSpawns an enemy creature
spawnrateAdjusts the rate of spawns
whisper/reply <player>whisper with a player, reply as answer
worldshows all available information of the world
setspawnset the spawn of the server
forcexmasactivate christmas mode

A list of item IDs can be found here.

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