Activate whitelist in Terraria

A whitelist is especially important if you want to play with your friends without other users. For this you have to install TShock on your server, then you can configure the whitelist.

Written on October 29, 2021

{warningbox}}To configure the whitelist in Terraria you need to have TShock installed first.{{/warningbox}}

Activate whitelist

  1. stop your server
  2. connect via FTP to your Terraria server
  3. open the configuration file config.json in the tshock directory
  4. search for the option "EnableWhiteList": false
  5. enable the whitelist by changing false to true
  6. start your server so that the changes are applied

Add players to the whitelist

The whitelist in Terraria works based on the IP address of the player. Unfortunately, there is no function to add a player name or player ID.

Via console

  1. Open the server console
  2. Sdd a new IP address with the command whitelist IP-ADDRESS
    1. Example: whitelist

Via FTP (file)

  1. Connect again via FTP to your Terraria server
  2. Open the whitelist.txt file
  3. Enter one IP address per line in the following format whitelist IP ADDRESS
    1. Example: whitelist
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