Become an admin in Garry's Mod

With the two addons ULX and ULib you can manage permissions on your Garry's Mod server and make yourself an admin.

Written on Sep 7, 2021


When you build your collection for your server, you need to add the two addons ULX and ULib as well.

Afterwards restart your server to activate the changes.

Become admin

Via console

  1. Open the console of your server
  2. Depending on the server you have to log in first rcon_password <password>
  3. Then add yourself as admin ulx adduser <username> superadmin
    1. We recommend to restart the server once
  4. Now check in game if you have admin rights


  1. Connect to your Garry's Mod server via FTP
  2. Open the file under garrysmod/settings/users.txt
  3. Search in the file for the superadmin section
    1. There you should see the following example entry //"garry" "STEAM_0:1:7099"
  4. Replace garry with your username and STEAM_0:1:7099 with your Steam Id
    1. Make sure that you copy the Steam id and not the Steam64 Id
  5. At last remove the two slashes // in front so that the entry is no longer commented out
  6. Finally save the file and (re)start your server
  7. Now check in the game if you have admin rights
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