Install DarkRP in Garry's Mod

DarkRP is a game modification for the sandbox game Garry's Mod. We will show you how to install and play DarkRP in Garry's Mod on your game server.

Written on Dec 23, 2021

How do I install DarkRP?

To be able to play DarkRP as a gamemode, i.e. modification in Garry's Mod, you need a few prerequisites to start.

Dark RP installation files

There are two different installation files for DarkRP:

  1. To play you need the DarkRP Gamemode. This contains the basic requirements to play DarkRP on your GM-Server
    1. Download DarkRP gamemod on Github
  2. For modifications to the game you have to download the DarkRP modification. This will allow you to make all sorts of adjustments. You can add professions, modify them and add new content to the game.
    1. Download DarkRP modification on Github

Installing DarkRP

  1. Download and unzip the installation files
  2. Rename the unzipped folder to DarkRP
  3. Connect now via FTP to your Garry's Mod Server
  4. Search the directory Gamemodes
  5. Upload the folder DarkRP into the directory Gamemodes
  6. Restart the server and the installation is finished

Hints for the installation

When renaming the folder to DarkRP, the first letter should be lowercase on server systems with Linux as operating system to avoid problems with the directory.

Which professions are available to me in DarkRP?

In DarkRP, the player must have a profession. Depending on the server, the range of available professions varies. There are server rules for living together and practicing professions as realistically as possible. If these are not observed, because the player does not follow his daily routine, it comes to server exclusion.

The spectrum of professions in DarkRP ranges from

  • police officer,
  • including superiors like the police chief
  • to doctors,
  • citizens,
  • arms dealers
  • to members of the mafia
  • and rebels.
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