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Welcome to GATE, where the world's brightest minds come together to push the boundaries of knowledge and explore the unexplainable. But when anomalies plague the labs and the Order, a secret military sect, seeks to gain control of artifacts, your workplace becomes a battle zone. Immerse yourself in a world full of danger, intrigue and unexpected challenges.





May 2, 2024


Adventure, Open-World, Simulation


Deep Field Games

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Rent Abiotic Factor Server

Fight for survival in a hostile environment

As an explorer in GATE, you will not only fight against unknown phenomena, but also against hungry aliens, enemy soldiers and advanced security robots. Your scientist skills are your greatest weapon as you build ingenious tools and traps to overcome the numerous threats.

A life between research and adventure

In the underground facility of GATE, it's time to settle in. Gather resources, build your own headquarters and explore the facility to learn more about the anomalies. But always be vigilant, because danger lurks around every corner.

Scientific teamwork

Join a diverse team of researchers and choose your doctorate from a variety of disciplines. Combine your skills with those of your colleagues to master the challenges together and stand up to the Order.

Survive and conquer the unexplored worlds

Use the most advanced technologies to not only survive, but to uncover the secrets of the underground facility and other worlds. Your adventure in GATE has only just begun - be ready for whatever comes your way!


In Abiotic Factor, you will experience a unique sci-fi adventure that takes you into a world full of secrets, dangers and unexpected twists. As an employee of GATE, you are faced with the challenge of exploring the unexplainable while fighting for your survival. With a sophisticated crafting system, exciting teamwork and a captivating storyline, the game offers hours of fun and countless opportunities to put your skills as an explorer to the test. Immerse yourself in the world of Abiotic Factor and experience an epic adventure that will stay with you forever!