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Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities in FOUNDRY, an exciting first-person factory building game. Accompanied by your AI friend Carl, you land on an unexplored planet to build an impressive robot production plant. Explore the infinite voxel world, develop your production from manual labor to automation and design a factory that reflects your creativity.





May 2, 2024


Open-World, Simulation, Strategy


Channel 3 Entertainment

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Rent FOUNDRY Server

Unlimited creativity in a dynamic world

Create a huge, automated factory that ranges from manual resource mining to fully automated production. Take advantage of the freedom to construct sky-high machines and complex conveyor belt systems without limitations. Shape the landscape around your factory and discover new technologies to optimize your production facilities.

Automation and optimization for maximum efficiency

Automate your production with complex conveyor belt systems and transport networks that seamlessly connect research and production. Unlock advanced technologies to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize your factory. Maintain a fine balance between input and output to maximize your production and guide it through an extensive research tree.

Cooperative play and creative solutions

Work alone or cooperatively with other players to develop creative solutions to complex logistical challenges. Explore the randomly generated sandbox world, build above and below the planet's surface and discover new technologies and resources. Stage your factory and customize it to your liking as you compete in this fascinating voxel world.


FOUNDRY offers a unique blend of factory building and exploration in an endless voxel world. With creative freedom and an extensive technology tree, you can optimize and automate your production facilities to achieve a perfect balance between efficiency and production. Work alone or cooperatively to master complex logistical challenges and explore a dynamic world full of possibilities. Add FOUNDRY to your wishlist and start your adventure in the world of factory building!