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The open world survival game is initially set in a post-apocalyptic future. Here, humanity must not only defend itself against zombie-like mutants, but also against an alien empire. Mankind's last hope is a time travel technology to stop the empire already in the past, before it conquers the world with alien technology. But the resistance must first find the time machine.





Oct 11, 2023


Open-World, Survival, Sandbox


Samar Studio

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Survival meets Sandbox

The Front is more than just a blunt first-person shooter in which the goal is to make enemy troops bite the dust as many times and as quickly as possible. The game also has sandbox elements, where you can at least let your creativity run free a bit. For example, a defense base must be built (which, by the way, is not tied to the landscape). This protects the inventory and production materials, the production facilities, and of course serves as a refuge for the brave warriors. As usual for a sandbox mechanic, you also farm to provide yourself with food, build wind and/or hydroelectric plants to generate electricity for production, and you can cook delicious meals, by the way.

The trap towers, which are also available in "The Front" and which, among other things, protect the defense systems, can, if they are in the right place, influence the routes of the monsters. Skillfully installed traps also protect against assassins, flying soldiers or similar creatures that are up to no good. The traps can combine different mechanisms, such as triggering, detecting and killing.

Epic battles - varied landscapes

But of course you can also fight, because after all you slip into the role of a resistance fighter in "The Front". In epic battles you compete against the imperial fighters, exiles and thugs. Both a single player mode and an online multiplayer mode are possible. Very interesting, by the way, is the function of certain jammers, with which you can subdue NPCs. They support the gamer, for example, either in combat or in various crafting activities.

When you're not fighting, you roam the various post-apocalyptic landscapes and explore ruins, for example, to find the coveted blueprints for the time travel machine. If you're in enemy territory, you can loot houses there, arm yourself with tanks and helicopters, and equip yourself with various weapons. The landscapes are enormously varied. There are rainforests, snowy landscapes, barren sandy deserts and swamps, among others. You'll find underground research institutes or you'll enter restricted military areas.

Another highlight is the vehicle construction. Because in "The Front" you can assemble your own fleet or build it yourself. There are logging vehicles, pick-ups, anti-aircraft guns, mining vehicles and much more.

The game is currently still in Early Access, so not all game mechanics are fully available yet. However, what has been launched looks like a lot of fun. The Front is not just for open-world survival fans. Sandbox gamers who might want to take their first steps in a different genre will also get their money's worth.