Admin commands in DayZ

Admin commands help you to manage your DayZ server in the best way. We have listed all commands for you.

Written on Jan 8, 2022

Become Admin

Before you can use the following Admin Commands, you must log in as Admin on your DayZ server.

Admin Commands

|Command |Description | |----------|----------|----------| |#login #login password |Logs you in as admin. Without password only possible if you are registered as admin in the server.cfg file | |#logout |Logs you out as admin. | |#mission filename #mission filename difficulty |Selects a mission with the specific name. Difficulty parameter is optional, if not selected then the previously set difficulty remains | |#missions |Selects a mission. | |#restart |Restarts the mission. | |#reassign |Restarts and reassigns roles. | |#shutdown |Shuts down the server immediately. | |#restartserver |Shuts down the server and restarts it. | |#shutdownserveraftermission |Shuts down the server after the mission is finished. | |#restartserveraftermission |Shuts down and restarts the server after the mission is finished. | |#init |Reloads the server config file with the -config option. | |#exec ban name #exec ban ID #exec ban Player# |Ban a player. The player ID is added to the ban.txt file | |#kick name #kick ID #kick Player# |Kicks a player. | |#monitor (interval in sec) |Shows the current performance of the server. interval 0 stops this | |#debug off | disables debugging | |#debug (interval in sec) |Normal interval is 10 seconds | |#debug (command) (param) |Turns off the automatic saving of the world (useful for scripting) | |#debug (command) |The available commands are: Console (send to submitter what's on server console , works as DebugAnswer for all writes into the console), from (outputs into logFile defined in server.cfg as e.g. logFile=server_console.log"; ) |

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