Become an admin and use commands at DayZ

Download Mods from the Steam workshop to get admin rights on your very own DayZ server

Written on Jan 8, 2022

How do I become an admin?

  1. Stop your server
  2. Connect to your server via FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) to upload files
  3. Find out your Steam64-ID (see article: How do I find out my Steam64-ID?)
  4. Start the DayZ Launcher
  5. Open Steam and go to the DayZ Workshop
  6. Search for CF (by Jakob_Mango) and subscribe to the mod
  7. Search for ZomBerry Admin Tools (by Vaker) and subscribe to the mod
  8. Go into the game and activate both mods
  9. Click on the mods in game → show more options → copy as local mod → select save location
  10. Open the save folder and delete the spaces in the folder name ZomBerryAdminTools.
  11. Open the folder ZomBerryAdminTools and rename the folder Config to ZomBerry (pay attention to upper/lower case)
  12. Open the just renamed folder ZomBerryAdminTools/ZomBerry and open the file admins.cfg with the editor
  13. Delete the content (the BIGUID and Steam64-ID of the author) and enter your Steam64-ID in line 1 (each additional Steam64-ID of further admins in a new line) and save the file
  14. Establish a FTP connection to the server
  15. Upload the folder @CF from your computer to the server into the directory dayzstandalone (this is the root directory of your server, where all mods will be inserted)
  16. Download the folder @ZomBerryAdminTools from your computer to the server into the dayzstandalone directory
  17. Load the .bikey files of both mods (from the respective directory Keys) into the directory dayzstandalone/keys of the server
  18. Load the folder ZomBerry into the profiles directory of the server
  19. Next you have to tell your server which mods it should load at startup (this varies from provider to provider, check with your hoster)
  20. If you have done this, start the server
  21. Press 'M' to start the ZomBerry Admin Tool in the game

Admin Commands

Provided you have successfully become admin, you now have the ability to execute several admin commands.

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