ARK Genesis: Expansion in two acts

Part one of the big DLC package Genesis for the prehistoric, science-fiction survival simulation ARK: Survival Evolved is in the starting blocks.

Written on Aug 31, 2021

As things stand, it will be released on February 25, and on almost all platforms at the same time. Xbox, PS4 and PC players can rejoice, while owners of the game on Nintendo's Switch will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer.

Release and split into two parts

The Genesis DLC is intended to expand the base game ARK: Survival Evolved by a large measure of new animals, crafting options and areas. So much so, that the developers actually decided to split it into two parts. That second part is scheduled for release in winter 2020.

For fans of the game, the splitting and the postponement of the actual release in January may piss them off, but the developers assure that they consider the additional time necessary to be able to put the finishing touches on the game. That is, bug fixing, balancing, and final tweaks.

Tough biomes and beasts

The confirmed contents of the massive DLC are indeed impressive. Various new biomes will make up a large part of Genesis. First and foremost is a dangerous volcanic environment that fits perfectly into the prehistoric. Active volcanoes aren't even the most dangerous thing there. The magma dinosaur is located here. If you are discovered by this burning reptile, you'd better duck, because fireballs will literally fly around your ears.

But the Lunar Biom also shows how much love the developers have put into the creation of the DLC. In this almost mythical underwater landscape, you feel like you're on a completely different planet - also because of the lower gravity. Flora and fauna seem just as mythical and dreamlike. But do not be deceived. Because although everything may look beautiful here, it is no less dangerous. Mysterious and sometimes beautiful flying fish - like the resident Astrocetus - need fresh meat every day just as much as any raptor. Here's what to keep in mind.

New weapons and possibilities

In terms of crafting and general arsenal, the DLC has neat things to offer as well. The highlights among the weapons here are probably the extraordinarily practical guided missiles and a shoulder cannon that can fire at enemies completely independently in 360 degrees around the player.

But not only the combat is improved. The fishing net makes the supply aspect of the game a bit easier in Genesis. So those who have always been a bit annoyed by fishing can breathe a sigh of relief.

In addition to the new features, structures, creatures and biomes, the ARK team has also added many other pleasant little things. Thus, many known bugs are finally fixed, old creatures are revised and improved, and now even have new and specially adapted to biomes variations that have their own skins and stat boosts. An eventful year is in store for fans of the game, that much is certain.

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