Become an admin at CS:GO

In this article we will show you how to become an admin of CS:GO on your own server and what requirements you need.

Written on Jan 7, 2022

What do I need to become an admin on CS:GO?

To become an admin on CS:GO you will need your Steam ID, SourceMod on your CS:GO game server and a FTP program to connect to your server.

Find out your Steam ID

The Steam ID can also be easily read out in CS:GO via a console command. Connect to your CS:GO server and open the console.

With the command status you will get an overview of all players that are currently on the server. Search for your nickname. Right next to it you will see your Steam ID.

Server configuration

  1. Stop your CS:GO server and connect to it via FTP
  2. Search the folder addons/sourcemod/configs/ on your server
  3. Open the file admins_simple.ini in that folder with a text editor
  4. Search for the line STEAM:0:0000000 rights
  5. STEAM:X:XXXXX replace this with your Steam ID
  6. Rights there you put the administrator rights, for example X
  7. After you have entered everything, save your changes in the admins_simple.ini
  8. Now start your server
  9. Connect to your server in the game and use the command sm_admin in the console
    1. If the administration menu of SourceMod opens now, you are now successfully admin on your CS:GO server

Administrator rights

The rights of an administrator, which are entered under STEAM:0:0000000 Rights, can also be edited in a configuration file.

  1. Stop your CS:GO game server
  2. Connect via FTP to your server
  3. Search the folder addons/sourcemod/configs/
  4. Open the file admin_levels.cfg in this directory with a text editor
  5. In this file all relevant rights of administrators can be edited
  6. Save the file and restart your server.
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