Create Steam Group

A Steam group offers a lot of advantages for online gamers and group-based games. We'll show you how to create your group on Steam in this article.

Written on Jan 2, 2022

What is a Stream Group and what do I need it for?

A group on Steam offers tremendous benefits to players. By creating the group, the Steam founder and administrator gets all the tools right at their fingertips to manage the group. These groups can be used to coordinate online games, share screenshots, initiate discussions, and even whitelist custom servers.

How do I create a group on Steam?

Creating a Steam group is very simple. All the necessary steps are done directly in the Steam client.

Start Steam Client

  1. Select username in the upper button next to Community
    1. Another drop-down menu appears
  2. Select the item Groups
  3. In the Steam Client appears on the left side of the Group menu

Create Steam Group

  1. Select the item Create group in the group menu
  2. In the following window you can enter the group data
    1. Group name: Give your group an individual one and check it directly for availability
    2. Abbreviation: Set an abbreviation for your group and check it for availability as well
    3. Group link: Create a personal group link with which your group page can be accessed from the web browser
    4. Set publicity: Specify whether your group should be a public or private group
  3. Click on Create - congratulations! You have created your own Steam group

What is the difference between public and private Steam groups?

In public Steam groups, any interested player can join. In private groups, players can join the group only with joining request or invitation.

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