Whitelist install and use in Rust

If you want to play with your friends privately on your Rust server, the whitelist is perfect to protect your server from foreign players.

Written on September 1, 2021

Install and use the whitelist on your Rust server so you can control who joins your server.

Install whitelist


For the whitelist you need an Oxide plugin. To have to install this plugin, you need to install Oxide Rust first

  1. Download the whitelist plugin from umod.org
  2. Connect to your Rust server via FTP
  3. Upload the plugin to the /oxide/plugins/ folder
  4. Restart your server

Add user to whitelist

  1. Find out the Steam-ID of the user and copy it
  2. Connect to the server and press the F1 key
  3. In the console type oxide.grant user STEAMID
    1. Replace STEAMID with the previously copied Steam ID of the user
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