Become admin at Terraria

The open-world title from 2011 is still very popular worldwide. We'll show you how to become an admin on your Terraria server.

Written on Jan 23, 2022

{warningbox}}To log in to Terraria as an admin you must have TShock installed first {{/warningbox}}

What can an admin do in Terraria?

As an administrator you can set certain game rules on your server. You can decide who can play on the server and who cannot. Furthermore, you have full control over the administration and gameplay on your server.

How to become an admin at Terraria?

To become an admin at Terraria you only need to follow a few simple steps. First you need to find your authcode and then log in with it.

Find your authcode

  1. Connect to your Terraria server via FTP
  2. Search the directory /terraria/tshock/.
  3. In this directory you will find the file authcode.txt
  4. Open the file authcode.txt with a text editor
  5. Search the line /auth, there you will find your authcode
    1. Example: /auth 3425349 - so your code is: 3425349 - write it down!

Authenticate as admin

  1. Now open Terraria and connect to your game server
  2. Open the chat in the game
    1. This also serves as a console for entering commands
  3. Enter the noted authcode with the following command: /auth your-code
    1. Example: /auth 3425349
  4. By this input your current IP address in combination with your player name has been authenticated as superadmin

Add to superadmin group

  1. Execute the command: /user add yourplayername yourpassword superadmin
    1. Example: /user add player1 123456 superadmin
  2. Your player is now added to the superadmin group. Player name and password can be chosen freely
  3. Log in with your player permanently as superadmin: /login YourPlayerName YourPassword
    1. Example: /login player1 123456
  4. Finally verify and complete the process: /auth --verify
  5. Perfect, now you are admin on your Terraria game server

Things to know

/login <username> <password> is your admin login from now on. Example: /login player1 123456

If authcode.txt was already used or the file is not findable, just delete the file auth.Ick in the directory /terraria/tshock/ from the server. Restart the server and the file authcode.txt will be regenerated. Proceed with the new code as in our instructions.

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