Become an admin at 7 Days to Die

With administrator privileges, changes can be made directly in the game. You can distribute permission levels and use new console commands with them.

Written on Jan 1, 2022

What can an admin do in 7 Days to Die?

The administrator decisively determines the rules of the game on his own game server for 7 Days to Die. He can execute certain console commands, create a blacklist and whitelist and thus determine who can play and who cannot. For unrestricted access during the game, the status of an administrator is very advantageous.

How do I become an administrator in 7 Days to Die?

To become an administrator in 7 Day to Die you need two things: your Steam64 ID and the Serveradmin.xml configuration file of your game server.

  1. Find out your Steam64 ID
  2. Now open and edit the Serveradmin.xml on your server
    1. You will find the file Serveradmin.xml in the saves directory
    2. Open the file Serveradmin.xml for editing with a text editor
  3. Search for the line <adminTools>
    1. Everything between <adminTools> and </adminTools> is recognized as code by the game server. These lines control the status setting of the players.
  4. Add admin or moderators using Steam 64 ID and add permission level.
    1. Each admin and moderator must be added individually.
  5. Here you can see an example of how an admin and a moderator have been added:
<admin steamID="YOUR STEAM64ID" permission_level="0" />
<moderator steamID="YOUR MOD'S STEAM64ID" permission_level="100" />

As you can see, the permission level of your Steam64 ID has been set to 0. You have the highest permission level and have unrestricted access.

The permission level of your moderator is set to 100. This means that he has less permissions than the admin.

  1. As soon as you have entered all configurations, you can save the changes in the Serveradmin.xml
  2. And last but not least restart the server. After that the changes you made are active

How do permission levels work?

Permission levels can be assigned with a value between 0 and 1000.

The lower the value, the higher the permission and vice versa.

Without an assigned value, stored users are automatically assigned the value 1000.

The administrator should ideally have the value 0. This way he is not subject to any restrictions. Moderators, who take care of the server, should have a higher level to restrict accesses and server commands, among others the value 100, 200, 300, etc.

If console commands are not defined in the serveradmin.xml, i.e. assigned a specific value, they automatically have the permission level '0' and can only be executed by the administrator. If no user is defined in the Seerveradmin.xml, no one on the server can execute the command.

Admin Commands

Now that you have admin rights you are well prepared to deal with the available admin commands.

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