Install mods in 7 Days to Die

Mods can be new enemies, weapons, game content and game forms. We'll tell you how to install and play mods on your 7 Days to Die server.

Written on Jan 3, 2022

What are mods and modifications?

  • Mods, that is modifications, allow you to customize your server according to your wishes and ideas.
  • The Alpha 17 Experimental version introduced the concept of modlets.
  • Modlets are relatively small modifications that do not overwrite the vanilla XML files, but are loaded exclusively from the mods folder.

How do I install mods in 7 Days to Die?

Installing mods in 7 Days to Die is very simple. You need the appropriate mod and access to your game server (ideally via FTP). Here we explain the server installation of mods for 7 Days to Die.

Select and download a mod

  1. Open, there you will find the biggest collection of mods for 7 Days to Die
  2. Choose the mod you want and download it
    1. The downloaded mod should have the following file structure:

Connect to server and upload files

  1. Connect to a FTP client on your game server
  2. Create a new folder called 'mods' in the server directory
  3. Upload the files of the mod to the newly created folder
  4. Restart the server - congratulations! You have successfully installed a mod and can now try it out on your server.


Some mods require different installation methods. When installing such mods, always follow the programmer's instructions included with the installation files. Most of the time, these are major modifications of the main game.

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