Admin Commands in Minecraft

Managing your Minecraft server can become laborious and complex. Especially since there are a large number of commands. We'll explain all the Minecraft commands you need.

Written on Aug 29, 2021

Execute a command

In order for you to use admin commands on your Minecraft server, you must make yourself an operator.

  • Enter in the chat console
    • Open chat by pressing the 'T' key
  • Input in the server console

All commands start with a slash (/). It can happen that the slash is omitted in the server console. Check with your hoster or just try it out. You can use the command /list, because it only shows you the current players on your server.

Different parameters

You should also pay attention to the different parameters of commands. Pointed or square brackets are not written when entering a command.

  • Parameters without pointed meta brackets are unchangeable words that must be entered exactly like this
  • <parameter> with pointed meta brackets are placeholders for a value, e.g. for a player name
  • Parameters] with square meta brackets are optional, i.e. you can enter them additionally


  • Ban player: /ban Sheep25
  • Change world time: /time set day or /time set 0

Minecraft Ingame Command Example

All commands


/datapack <enable|disable|list>Manages data packets.
/debug <start|stop|function>Starts or stops writing a debug log.
/function <function>Executes a list of commands or a function alias located in an mcfunction file.
/help [command]Lists one or more commands with their syntax.
/locate <structure>Displays the coordinates of the nearest structure (fortress, mansion, etc.).
/locatebiome <biome>Displays the coordinates of the nearest biome (minecraft:soul_sand_valley, etc.).
/perf <start|stop>Starts (for 10 seconds) or stops writing a debug log.
/reloadReloads data packets.
/scoreboardManages self-defined scoreboards.
/seedNames the seed of the world.


/me <message>Sends the name of the sender together with an action text in the chat.
/msg <player> <message>Sends a message to a player (called whisper) in chat.
/tell <player> <message>Identical to /msg.
/say <message>Sends a message in chat to all players.
/teammsg <message>Sends a message in chat to all players of the same team.
/tm <message>short form of /teammsg
/tellraw <player> <message>Sends a message in chat to one player, which can be formatted and mouse-sensitive.
/wIdentical to /msg (engl. whisper).

Change of creature (player or creature)

/advancement <action> <player> <mode> <advancement> [criterion]Gives the player an advancement.
/attributeChanges an attribute of the creature.
/bossbarShows the player a boss bar.
/clear [player] [item] [amount]Removes items from the player's inventory.
/dataChanges the properties of a creature.
/effectGives the creature a status effect.
/enchant <player> <enchantment> <level>Gives an enchantment to the item the player is holding.
/executeGets a creature /item to execute a command and /or check conditions.
/experienceGives or takes experience points from the player.
/xpGives or takes experience points from the player.
/gamemode <mode> <player>Changes the game mode (0/1/2/3) of the player.
/give <player> <Item> [Amount]Gives items to the player's inventory.
/item (from 1.17)Replaces, modifies or copies items in the creature's inventory.
/kill [player/creature]Kills the creature immediately.
/loot <target> <source>generates loot tables for creatures/blocks
/particleMakes particles appear around a creature/item
/playsoundPlays a sound for the player.
/recipe <action> <player> <recipe>Gives or takes crafting recipes from the player.
/spawnpoint <player> <position>Changes the player's spawn point.
/spectate <creature> [player]Can watch any creature in spectator mode.
/spreadplayersDistributes creatures within a given area in the landscape.
/stopsoundStops playing all or one sounds for the player.
/tagGives or removes a tag to the creature.
/teamManages teams for objects (creature or inanimate object) and /or of variables.
/teleport <target> <direction of view>Teleports the creature to the target and /or turns it.
/tp <target> <direction of view>Teleports the creature to the target and /or rotates it.
/title <player> <command>Displays a title screen to the player.
/triggerChanges the player's score.

Change the world

/cloneCopies/moves an entire block area to another position.
/dataChanges the block object data of a block in the world.
/defaultgamemode <mode>Changes the default game mode of the world.
/difficulty <peaceful|easy|normal|hard>Changes the difficulty of the world.
/fillFills an entire block area with a specific block.
/forceloadLoads certain chunks permanently.
/gamerule <rule> <value>Changes a basic setting of the world.
/particleMakes particles appear at a specific position in the world
/publish <port>Makes the world available for shared play on a LAN (local area network).
/setblockPlaces or deletes a block at a specified position in the world
/setworldspawn [Position]Changes the spawn area of the world.
/summonCreates an object (creature etc.)
/tickingareaBedrock-exclusive: permanently loads certain chunks.
/time <add|set|query> <0-18000 or day|night|noon|midnight>
/toggledownfallBedrock-exclusive: Changes precipitation.
/weather <clear|rain|thunder> [duration in seconds]Changes the weather in the world.
/worldborderChanges the size of the world barrier around the world.

Server management

/ban <player> [reason]Blocks a player permanently from the server.
/ban-ip <IP Address> [reason]Blocks an IP address permanently from the server.
/banlist [ips|players]Displays all banned players or IP addresses of the server.
/deop <player>Removes operator privileges from a player for this server.
/kick <player> [reason]Removes an active player from the server immediately.
/list [uuids]Lists all active players on the server.
/op <player>Gives operator rights for this server to a player.
/pardon <player>Unlocks a player from the server.
/pardon-ip <IP address>Unlocks an IP address from the server.
/save-allSaves the world immediately to the server.
/save-offSwitches off automatic saving of the world to the server.
/save-onSave the world to the server automatically.
/setidletimeout <minutes>Sets a limit on how long players can stand around motionless on the server.
/stopStops the server immediately and shuts it down.
/whitelist <add|remove|list|on|off|reload> [Players]Manage the whitelist for the server.

Enable command suggestions

Command suggestions can be turned on in the chat settings. This will display the list of available commands when typing a slash (/).

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