Stoneblock 2 Modpack by Feed the beast

FTB Stoneblock 2 is a CurseForge/Feed The Beast modpack, which builds on the original StoneBlock modpacks by Sunekaer.

Written on Nov 12, 2021

Stoneblock 2

Stoneblock 2 is a completely new sequel to the original modpack. You can expect more technologies, new items and tools. It also adds completely new adventures to your game.

The list of initial features has been expanded once again.

Many mods included

Since Stoneblock 2 comes with plenty of mods, it has a lot of stuff in it. In the pack are many mods for improved gameplay. Here is just a small excerpt of what awaits you in FTB Stenoblock 2.


Here you get a technology tree, which is designed so that the process to the "end game", takes a lot longer. You'll get extremely powerful tools and items here with extremely expensive recipes to create them.

Cooking for Blockheads

Here you get a set of functional kitchen blocks that can form a multi-block kitchen setup. There's also a book to go with it. Here you can see what food you can make with a resource in your inventory.

Extra Utilities 2

Which adds a number of blocks and items like generators, utilities and the like to the game.

Random Things

Does not bring a new theme to your game, but adds a variety of unrelated blocks, items and mechanics. For example, the mod improves some of the mechanics of vanilla Minecraft.

Thermal Expansion

Is a tech mod. It adds machines to your world, allows you to transport items, fluids and energy to distant bases. You get upgrade kits to upgrade machines, dynamos, energy cells and safes.


Is a mod that allows you to instantly transport items, liquids, energy and information through the use of networks.

Many more

And some more, you can find the complete list of mods in the FTB Wiki.

Infinite possibilities

Use the new possibilities actively, use resources properly and try to fight the new bosses. The modpack offers the most different adventures to optimize your gameplay.

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