Set up whitelist in Minecraft

The whitelist is one of the most used features for server admins. With it you can decide who can access your server.

Written on Aug 30, 2021

What is a whitelist?

With the whitelist you can determine who is allowed to connect to your server and who is not. This can be helpful, because your server is usually public for everyone, if the IP address is known. With the help of the whitelist you can define that e.g. only your friends are allowed to connect.

Java Edition

Setting up a whitelist on your server is very simple. This is done via the server console or the ingame chat (open by pressing the T key). All whitelist commands work according to the following principle:

Example: /whitelist <command> [parameter]

Instead of command you put one of the commands from the following table. Some of them also need additional parameters, these are also explained in the table.

Configure whitelist

  1. If you don't have operator rights, you have to open the server console, otherwise you can use the ingame chat
  2. Activate the whitelist with `/whitelist on
  3. Add the players to your whitelist /whitelist add <player name>.
    1. You usually get the player name from your teammates. Example: /whitelist add Notch.
  4. Check the players on your whitelist /whitelist list.
  5. If you want to disable the whitelist temporarily, use /whitelist off.
  6. Now you have correctly configured and activated the whitelist

If you made a mistake while adding a player name or if you want to remove a player, you can remove the player with /whitelist remove <player name> and use /whitelist list to make sure that the player has been removed.

Whitelist commands at a glance

/whitelist add <player name>Puts the named player on the whitelist
/whitelist remove <player name>Removes the named player from the whitelist
/whitelist listLists all players in the whitelist
/whitelist onEnables the whitelist
/whitelist offDisables the whitelist
/whitelist reloadReloads the whitelist (if the file 'whitelist.json' has been changed)
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