Pixelmon Minecraft Modpack

The Pokémons come to Minecraft, breed, fight and buy Pokéballs with PokéDollars. In addition, there are new resources like Apricorns and decorative items like clocks and chairs.

Written on Oct 19, 2021

What does Pixelmon offer?

With the Pixelmon Modpack not only Pokémon feeling comes to Minecraft, but also the Pokémons themselves. Of course, breeding, trading and fighting are not to be missed.

Pixelmon has made sure to bring the mechanics of the Pokémon games of generation 8 close. Of course, there are a few deviations here, which gives the modpack its individual charm. For example, breeding new Pokémon requires a suitable environment for the Pokémon to reproduce.

Also, the "random encounter" method does not exist, but the Pokémon appear naturally in Overworld. Thus, a player can engage them in battle. In the default configuration, Minecraft's actual mobs are disabled, though they can be enabled by editing the configuration file.

In the cities there are Poké Marts here you can buy Pokéballs, TMs and medicine for PokéDollars, much like in the Pokémon games. Once you've acquired Apricorns and Iron, you can also make your own Pokéballs. Many of the items you need can be obtained from a variety of sources. Either by crafting them or by collecting them using the Pickup skill.

Choose or create your own targets

The modpack is designed to allow players and servers to choose and create their own destinations. Depending on what you want, complete the Pokédex, win in battles against other players, or come up with something completely new. There is no fixed progress, though this feature can be implemented.

So if you like Minecraft and the Pokémons, you can combine both with the modpack.

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