Life in the Woods Renaissance

Life in the Woods is a complete modpack consisting of many mods - some of them very sophisticated - designed to provide a beautiful nature experience by Minecraft standards.

Written on Aug 30, 2021

Many gameserver providers offer Life in the Woods servers that you can rent to start a nature adventure with your friends. Renaissance is a big update here, you should test first if your PC can handle it.

Out from the woods you come

Renting a Minecraft Life in the Woods server means renting an adventure and is ideal if you want to experience something new in your favorite crafting game, especially with your friends.

Due to the name, when looking for a suitable provider, it is also a good idea to pay attention to the different terms for the modpack. First distinguish between the Life in the Woods and the Renaissance version and also look for the variants LifeInTheWoods and LITW in the offered vouchers or at Gameserver Vergleich. Both popular community terms.

A new experience

Renting a LITW server doesn't enrich you with elaborate minigames, but it does expand your gaming experience in a very unique and loving way. New items, more crafting options, and simple but beautiful additions like better textures and more background sounds.

This means that the servers of Life in the Woods are of course not the cheapest available for Minecraft, but those who find such a package appealing for themselves and their friends should still grab it.

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May 17, 2009


Adventure, Open-World, Survival, Sandbox


Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

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