Play Minecraft 1.18 update right now

New game updates are always something nice, because they usually bring new features. This is also the case with the second Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update. To play the update right now, you can install the latest snapshot version.

Written on Sep 26, 2021

The second Caves & Cliffs update

To play the 1.18 update right now, you can download the latest snapshot.

HintPlease note that snapshots can still contain bugs and compatibility between the different versions is not guaranteed, so you will always have to start a new world.

Loading a snapshot

  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher
  2. Go to the tab Installations and create a new installation there
  3. Set a name of your choice and select the newest snapshot at Version
    1. Currently (26.09.) the newest snapshot is 21w38a
  4. Save the new installation or profile
  5. Now go back to the Play tab above
  6. Select your installation at the bottom next to the Play button
  7. Now start the installation via the Play button
    1. The first start can take some time, because all needed files have to be downloaded and installed first
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