Install plugins with Bukkit or Spigot

Plugins offer greater freedom on your Minecraft server. With them, you can install more features to manage users, worlds and much more.

Written on Aug 29, 2021

What is Bukkit/Spigot?

Bukkit as an application interface allows the user to create various server plugins that allow you to extend your server structure with many important and especially useful functions.

Spigot, on the other hand, is built on top of the modified CraftBukkit server and, more than CraftBukkit, not only allows you to use Bukkit plugins on your own server, but also adds improved performance and configuration options to the server itself, making it more user-friendly.

At the same time, it is still possible to access all the game mechanics of the vanilla Minecraft.

Usual improvements thanks to Bukkit/Spigot plugins

For many, the minigame plugin is understandably the most important thing to implement right away. But there is more!

A simple map or user overview, user management, an anticheat module and more are standard with Bukkit/Spigot. Beyond that, there are always new and more sophisticated plugins being added. GriefPrevention protects your items especially on servers for example.

If you want to delve even deeper into the world of plugins, you will also find plugins that, like JobsReborn, allow you to create a complete job system, like AreaShop, allow you to buy entire areas and lands, like CityWorlds, randomly generate an entire city, or like Advanced Achievements, allow you to create a completely individual achievement system for yourself and your friends.

How can I install plugins?

On the official website of you can find a large selection of different plugins for the Minecraft server.


To actually install plugins, you must already have Bukkit or Spigot installed on your Minecraft server. File access is also required. You can usually get this through your hoster via the web interface (Web FTP) or you can get credentials to connect via FTP to your server. If you run your Minecraft server e.g. on your computer or your own server, you already have the necessary access via this.


  1. Download a plugin of your choice
    1. e.g. Job Reborn
  2. Upload the .jar file to the plugins folder of your server
  3. (Re)Start the server and wait until it is fully loaded
  4. Check the console or the logs for errors
  5. Plugin is installed
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