SkyFactory 4 Modpack

A unique modpack is SkyFactory 4 from Curse Launcher. The modpack offers you incredible Skyblock fun. SkyFactory brings enormous fun with over 30 world types.

Written on Nov 4, 2021

Completely new resource collection

With the modpack comes a completely redesigned resource collection. This means you no longer have to sift for resources. A completely new experience was established with the mod Sky Orchards, where there are resource trees with an integrated progress system. So you can choose the resources you want to produce. So no more coincidences on the resource front.

The creator has simply removed the success book and introduced the progress system instead. This means you no longer have to check manually what progress you have made so far, but always have an overview. The aim of the new system is not a quest system, but another option for you to set goals and ideas that you want to achieve in the game.

Prestige System

Also new in the SkyFactory 4 modpack is the prestige system. With this system, Creator offers another optional game mode. With it, you can unlock items, mods or mechanics via the open progression system. The prestige points and all unlocks can also be taken to other worlds, as they are global. You gain prestige points by completing progress or by using the Paradox. The Parabox is a time travel box that generates points. In order to earn prestige points, you must first activate Prestige Mode on the World Creation Screen.

More updates to come

Apart from the new possibilities, the Creator is planning regular updates to the content. These will then include new world types, new game modes and more prestige unlocks. So SkyFactory 4 brings with it a whole host of new possibilities, not to mention unique recipes and other advancements.

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