Tekkit Minecraft Modpack

Build power plants, take care of power supply and a bunch of new stuff to craft. That's what the Tekkit modpack for Minecraft offers.

Written on Aug 30, 2021

What can Tekkit do?

The Tekkit Modpack from the Technic Launcher focuses on technical aspects of the game. Crafting after industrialization, if you will.

The name is made up of Technic and Bukkit. Rent Tekkit Server, means to play it safe, because compatibility can always be guaranteed.

Compatibility here is not only related to accessibility for all known Minecraft mods. Multiplayer is also not only supported, but clearly encouraged. After all, entire nuclear power plants can be built and, above all, conceived better with several helping hands, because a good power supply also has to be ensured, which is guaranteed to pose a challenge for some players.

Engineers in demand

While you don't have to grow much beyond classic crafting skills on a normal Minecraft server, it's a lot more complex with the Tekkit modpack.

Here you have to create complex structures instead of implementing simple instructions. Ideally, a Minecraft Tekkit server should be rented by various players with visions. If you are smart about it, you can use the Tekkit technology to create outstanding power plants and reactors that are in no way inferior to their real-life competitors.

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