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This is what matters when choosing a game server

Are you looking for the right server for you and your gaming needs? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explain what you should look out for and how you can safely find your way through the flood of offers. Because not all servers are the same. There are big and small differences that you should take into account when making your choice, so that you won’t be disappointed later or possibly even pay more than necessary. We list the most important aspects here.

The basics – nothing works without them

What is important to you when gaming? Your server should meet the basic requirements. First of all, everything should run smoothly and without any problems. After all, there is nothing more annoying than jerky or delayed movements in the game. This not only takes away from the fun, but possibly also from the success of the game. To ensure this, we recommend that you test the server beforehand. After a few rounds, you will quickly see if it offers the quality needed for a good gaming experience.

Need help?

However, if there are any problems, the support is extremely important. Even though it may seem unimportant at first, you should pay enough attention to the support and its performance. Poor support automatically pushes the price down, since there are usually far fewer employees available. Good support around the clock is therefore worth its weight in gold when you face a problem. There are a few things to consider here. How can the support be reached? The most common way is by email. Next, a hotline should be available if you have an acute problem. Live chats are becoming more and more popular. Here, an employee is available to you in a chat tool and can, at best, help you immediately. The advantage? No waiting time like with email and no hotline queue. Also pay attention to when the support is available!

Connection is everything

No less important is the server connection to the data center. Here, the quality is also quickly noticeable. The Frankfurt hub is particularly advantageous as a location. But other large cities, such as Munich, are also excellent locations. Here it helps to ask around and exchange experiences. Some hosters offer different locations – so it’s worth asking around to get the best deal.

The thing with the price

When it comes to price, most people would prefer to close their eyes. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because only if you take a closer look at the pricing will you know what you’re actually getting for your money. Find out exactly about the services, the capacities and the features that are included – or not. With some hosters, voice servers and a domain are included. However, there are providers where you have to book the features in addition. So it’s not always just about the slot price, but about all the details in total. The only thing that helps here is to compare exactly and read the fine print.

Besides the price, you should also take a look at the payment methods. You usually have two options here. Either you book a long-term contract with a monthly fee or you opt for a prepaid rate. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. With a long-term contract, you don’t have to worry about anything and are always ready to go. However, you are usually bound to quite long terms if you want to cancel. With a prepaid plan, you pay with credit. This means you can cancel spontaneously, but you always have to make sure you have enough credit. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy a spontaneous gaming evening. The payment methods are also important. With direct debit, you don’t have to worry about bills. The amount for long-term contracts is simply debited monthly. With Paypal or other payment services, you are quite well secured and can conveniently pay on the go.

With the help of these points, you are well advised for now and can confidently start looking for the right game server for you. Do you have any tips for comparing servers and hosters? What is especially important to you? If you liked this article, please share it with your friends!